Trumps’s IQ Vs Obama’s IQ is Pretty Unnerving

Donald Trump’s IQ 156, Barack Obama’s IQ 102

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Donald Trump scored in the 99.9 percentile on his IQ test, his score a 156, technically speaking that classifies him as a genius. Barack Obama on the other hand is bordering on being classified as mentally challenged with a score of only 102. To put this is a better perspective, some third graders have a higher IQ than Obama has. In fact Obama has the lowest IQ of any president to date.

This little known fact may explain why there have been so many miss steps made by Obama. He is just not a very bright person. When you are not very smart it becomes very obvious to everyone over time. Obama has made many poor choices that have resulted in him resorting to lying about his own actions. This too is a very stupid thing to do as in all likelihood you will be caught in these lies, as he has been.

Being intelligent does not always mean you will be successful, but it sure does not hurt to be considered bright and intelligent. But the fact is that Trump is successful and he is very smart. Recently Trump purchased both Hillary’s as well as Jeb’s web sites and had their traffic re directed to his web site. Bet that was a shocker to both of these establishment politicians. Hillary probably drank a fifth of Jack when she got that news.

Do not know what Hillary’s IQ actually is but it is a fair bet to guess it is well below Trump’s. Well, I just looked up her IQ score and it is significantly lower than Trump’s, marginally higher than Obama’s. But the jury is still out on the brain damage issue she has as a result of her falling in a drunken stupor and hitting her head on a table. Even her top aids claim she is often confused and completely distracted. This could also be a result of her chronic alcoholism, as the abuse of alcohol is known to kill many active brain cells. No surprise here.

Leonardo Devinci had an IQ of 220 were Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. So Donald Trump is almost as smart as Einstein was. So who would you rather have at the helm of your government? Trump, Obama or a drunken Hillary? In my mind this is a no brainer and my IQ is 152.

These IQ scores speak volumes about some of these peoples actions. Trump says what is on his mind with little thought of repercussions. Obama apparently says what he thinks it should or could be, or the way he wishes it was, with little to no thought of if it is factual or not. Hillary just tells lies, she knows no other way to do it. The real question here is when someone is going to be or could be our president wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to pick the person that is obviously the smartest and most honest? I don’t know about you but I would prefer the person who is the most intelligent and honest of the bunch.

Many have questioned Obama’s governing philosophy but when we actually look at where he is on the intellect scale we now understand we are dealing with a moron. With Hillary we are just dealing with a criminal, a serial liar and a known alcoholic. So when you begin to consider who you are going to vote for keep in mind that it is not a popularity contest and it has nothing to do with their gender or the color of their skin. It really has to do with who can best do the job, who has the best mind, who can reason and think the best. Obviously if you want to stare failure squarely in the face then you will vote with no consideration what so ever. But then you will be stuck with the choice you have made, which if done improperly could have catastrophic consequences for both you and your family not to mention the nation as a whole.


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7 Thoughts to “Trumps’s IQ Vs Obama’s IQ is Pretty Unnerving”

  1. H. R. Penn

    Who wrote this? Unwilling to identify yourself after writing such blabber? Absurd !!

  2. Ha! This article never sites a source or testing references. It’s so bad there is no author listed. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-iq-test/

  3. Ebby

    You are born with your IQ! It has nothing to do with age.

  4. jerom ip

    trump never has taken any iq tests . he payed his way through school and it takes around 156 iq to graduate with his degree. which he PAID for that doesnt make him smart that makes him evil

  5. Deb

    BULLSHIT, I think it’s the other way around there’s no way Obama has a 99.9 IQ

  6. Wayne

    My son was tested in the first grade with a 159 IQ. I had no ID (Ha, ideal) he was so close to being an Albert Einstein! I am sure he would like to remind me and say I should listen to him more!
    Mostly where are the articles facts! After all we do not know facts of Obama’s education, grades etc., but now here is his IQ?


    Obviously a stupid, preposterous right wing propaganda piece . with bad grammar and spelling, as expected. If Trump had a 90 IQ he’d be lucky. I’d say it’s a spoof but the attacks are just too caustic to be taken as fact. Possibly from Russian hacks.

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