The world’s worst jobs & salaries with a 6 Figure (the last one will surprise you!)

Taxi Driver

Median Salary: $23,218

It might seem like an ideal job to just cruise around all day, but the taxi drivers out there have to deal with customers all day long, and ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft have made it difficult for them to make the same salary they used to make before these apps.



Median Salary: $46,368

This one might come as the biggest surprise! A firefighter? One of the most talked about, prestigious, and revered jobs. But when we really boil this down, the firefighters out there make very low pay for the kind of high-stress and even life-threatening work they do. So their job might be idealized, but the daily stress and low pay might outweigh the benefits.


 Data Scientist

Median salary: $128,240

If your mind is fixated on finding patterns, this might be the right path for you. A data scientist Interprets trends from data in different industries. While this job has very low stakes, it comes with a high salary! Companies that are looking to grow and expand are always looking for people to help research and provide the type of information that will help them out.



Median salary: $121,170

If you’re willing to do the schooling, a pharmacist makes a high salary while the day to day of their actual job is not too demanding. Dispensing prescription medications to patients is usually the type of work they get into.



Median salary: $104,285

If math has always been your specialty, you might have overlooked the idea of becoming an actual mathematician. We know you have to really dedicate a lot of your time to the subject, but if conducting research and creating mathematical principles is your thing, you might want to look into this as a full time career.


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