7 Best Way’s To Learn How To Click Amazing Selfie

Have you ever wondered why your selfie is getting the same number of likes or admirers as your friend? There is a chance that she is more popular. But what if there is a technique that makes your selfies look amazing? We can definitely help you improve the way you take your selfies. Check out the tips and techniques below:


What Ivanka Trump Does’t Want You to Know ?

Ivanka Trump would probably be famous even if her father wasn’t Donald Trump. Beautiful enough to be a model, clever enough to be a successful businesswoman, and hard-working enough to make a coal miner blush in shame, she would have surfaced in the world no matter what. Now she can add adviser to the President on her resume, but Ivanka has been achieving things since she was a child. Success though rarely comes without a few shadows in one’s past and the President’s daughter has her share. Read more to find out who Ivanka is behind the mask!


Donald Trump’s lawyer ‘paid ex-porn star $130,000 to stop reports of sexual encounter’

Donald Trump’s lawyer paid a former porn star $130,000 just before the election in an agreement that kept her silent over an alleged sexual encounter, the Wall Street Journal has reported.